Credit Opportunities

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Reminder: To earn CP worksheet credits, you must complete ones that you haven't done before!


Volunteers Packing Food


Write a short essay about your community!


Career Interview

Interview someone you know and learn something new about their career!

Bag of Groceries

Let's go shopping

Budget for groceries and more with this fun worksheet!

Relaxing in Hammock

Self Care

Complete this worksheet and tell us what self care looks like for you!

Image by Saulo Mohana

Career Test

Take a career aptitude test to see career choices based on personality types!

Image by Ståle Grut

Museum Tour

Take a tour of some amazing museums around the country! From artwork to natural history, there's something for everyone!


TedxTalk (Your Choice)

Find a TedxTalk that you love and tell us a little bit about it!

Taking Notes

Learning Style

Take a quick quiz to find out your learning style, tips, and how you can implement them into learning!

Image by Green Chameleon

Resume Building

Complete this worksheet to get a strong start on building your resume!

Image by Markus Spiske

Internet Safety

Make sure you have all the information you need to be safe online!

Dollar Bill in Jar

Financial Literacy

Check out this worksheet to learn a little bit more about money, budgeting, and more!

Sustainable Living

Take a peek at this worksheet to learn how to live more sustainably!

Running Shoes


Learn some cool things about Nike!

Image by Bill Oxford

Courtroom Roles

Find out about different roles played in a courtroom!

Create a Counrty

Earn 2 CP credits by creating your own country!

Painted Heart

How to Support Asian Americans

Learn how to support Asian American colleagues amid the recent wave of Asian violence.

Wooden Bookshelves

Dewey Decimal System

Learn more about the Dewey Decimal System!

Create Your Own Logo!

Create your own logo, and come up with your own business!

Helping Hands

Pick a Campaign!

Use this worksheet to pick a campaign! Featuring: Scholarship Opportunities 

Wooden Bookshelves

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